Meet the 2019-2020 Elected Officers!!


“Choc Trei” is the first woman of color to hold the Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest 2018 Title. She was honored to have support to use her Literacy In Consent & Kink (LICK)  platform promise to produce the first SouthEast Consent Summit, in February of 2019. It was a two day event highlighting the best consent related practices across differing demographic segments. (www.consentsummit.infoand She is a Director of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom ( Choc is the only female co-founding the Leather Houses of Color Coalition ( where she has the Presidential role for 2019 as the Head of the House of Trei. Choc was conferred in 2018 as one of newest Directors for the Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago, Il. ( She is excited to assist in the new strategic direction and learn about conservatism and archiving.

Previous community service includes: serving in the Executive Director, Vice President & Treasurer roles to re-launch Onyx Pearls South East ( She currently serves as the Bylaws Chair. Community involvement involved past Treasurer of the Leather Leadership Conference (

The company she founded, 1st CFI, Inc. ( is a vehicle to support education & training of lifestyle participants. Protection of personal privacy & the decriminalization of practices between consenting adults are her personal causes. As a Versatile, Choc founded SASS, an All-In Demo team. Her Leather Club is the Atlanta Eagle.

She is the proud mother of twins, both Philharmonic level musicians, one who is Deaf / Hard of Hearing. She was an at-risk youth, teenage runaway & high school drop-out, who now mentors by leveraging an MBA and a two-decade career in Finance.


Tyesha Best is a Queer Femme flourishing within her Community for over 10 years. Tyesha’s pronouns are They and Their. While going to school for Music, Tyesha began their journey online and with prompting from a college fraternity sister, Tyesha went offline and attended their first TNG-Dallas meeting, a group for sex positive persons aged 35 and under. They continued to look for more education, discovering Leather and thusly joined NLA-Dallas chapter as well as Fresh Leather, a committee for sex positive persons aged 35 and under, serving later at their education chair. Later they joined the NLA-International as the Policies and Procedures chair and Secretary serving that organization for over 7 years. Tyesha has also used their skill set of organizational restructuring, bylaws, and Policies and Procedures editing and creating and has served as a consultant for many organizations including WILL, WILF, NLA-I, various girls of Leather clubs, and others. They also served as bylaws chair for WILL and WILF for a short period of time. Tyesha was also the calendar editor and then assistant editor of Tyesha is one of the founding members of Dallas girls of Leather as well as an aid to other girl groups that formed in past years. Tyesha has volunteered, judged and Emceed for several contests, lending her voice as a non-titleholder, anthropology loving, and self-educated historian. Tyesha teaches a variety of classes that speak to women’s Leather History and iconography, Race and Race Relations, Social Justice, Intersectionality, Social Media and Branding. Currently, Tyesha is currently an Onyx Pear, Vice President of OPSE Corp and is an avid fan and supporter both Onyx and Onyx Pearls and enjoys spending time with her siblings. She also is Social Media Coordinator of International Mr. Leather Inc and is one of few Queer BIPOC identified individuals to wear Wingman as a back patch. Tyesha is also the co-education coordinator for the CLAW BIPOC Track. Previously Tyesha served as bylaws co-chair and education chair for OPSE and was a founding member of Onyx Pearls Deep South. She is also Assistant Editor in Chief of She also holds a Pantheon Of Leather award for the Florida Region. She also is the winner of the NLA-International Steve Maidhof Award for her services on an Internationally as well as the Leathertarian Award in 2018. Tyesha believes in intersectional activism, transformative healing practices, and involves themself frequently in BIPOC and LGBTQI spaces helping to advance empower those communities within the Leather and Kink scene using their leadership roles and education opportunities. Tyesha currently resides in Wilton Manors, Florida enjoying her career as a flight attendant and is in a loving family including her two twin ginger cats: Red Tag and Black Tag.


TREASURER: Lady Akosha


Nicole “Nikki” Noir is a Black, queer, polyamorous Leather Owner/Dominant, Head of Household for the House of NOIR, creator & host of Black Radical Queer Podcast, and founder of SensuWell Holistic Wellness. She has engaged in kink and power exchange dynamics since 2007, and has been active in the lifestyle community since 2012. Professionally, Nikki leverages a Masters in Human Services with a specialization in health and wellness counseling. As a trained Regional Advocate for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), she provided the SensuWell Care Corner, a safe space to heal, during the 1st Inaugural SouthEast Consent Summit In February 2019. She is also the former Pearls Liaison for ONYX Blackout 2019, 2016-2018 OPSE Health & Wellness chair, and 2014-2015 BFD Atlanta Social Media Liaison. Nicole Noir is an active educator in the community. She incorporates holistic wellness into her scenes and teaches others how to do the same with her “Pre Care” class. She also teaches classes on long distance dynamics, organizational wellness, how to navigate disabilities and mental health issues in a dynamic, getting kinky on a budget, and much more. Nikki is currently the Sergeant at Arms for ONYX Pearls Southeast, and networking to launch ONYX Pearls SoCal. She desires to serve as an example of TNG protocoled, radical, Black Queer Leather, and increase visibility for women of color, femmes, and gender variant folks in the lifestyle.

PLEDGE MASTER: Marguerite  

ROAD CAPTAIN: Lady Ceyda Kirin 

Lady Ceyda Kirin-Trei currently serves as the South East Regional Advocate Lead for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) where her small business is also a Coalition Partner. She is the current Road Captain for Onyx Pearls Southeast (OPSE) whose mission is to educate and empower Women of Color of all sexual orientations in the Leather and kink Lifestyles. Prior to OPSE, she spent several years involved in the local Atlanta community with organizations such as Black Atlanta Munch (BAM) and Black FemDoms Atlanta(BFD) before concentrating her efforts as a mentee under Mistress Choc Trei.
Lady Ceyda follows a Female Dominated Hetero Leather (FDHL) lifestyle. Her Leather journey began as a member of the House of Trei before launching Kirin Pack in 2019, a Female Dominated Leather community with a mission of peer accountability, protection and support regardless of sexual identity or orientation. She continues to serve the community through volunteering, mentoring and supporting other local organizations in their efforts. Lady Ceyda is a sensual Top seeking bottoms that enjoy disciplinary, cerebral and Non-Sadistic kinky play.



Brianna Trei is the property of Mistress Choc Trei. She is a fully patched member of LHOCC and ONYX Pearls South East . As a member of ONYX Pearls South East , her passion is to network with other women of color and support the mission of empowerment and education. She currently holds a position on the OPSE board as Marketing Chair. Brianna is also the creator of an s-type only virtual meeting place called Out Of Isolation . The group meets once monthly via Zoom to discuss a selected topic. It’s a safe place where s-types can discuss, educate, and uplift each other. She was recently the Consent After Dark Coordinator in the SouthEast Consent Summit in February 2019. She has trained as an Advocate for the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom with the purpose of helping consenting adults practice their lifestyle in a safe and authentic manner. She found a home as the beta and Majordomo in training in the House of Trei with a mission of maximum service to the counterculture in which it thrives.


Elyse Noir is a collared submissive to Nicole Noir and the Beta girl and Major General in the House of NOIR. she is bisexual, queer, polyamorous and gender fluid and uses female pronouns. she can present as either a Leather girl or Leather boi.

Elyse is currently serving on the 2019-2020 board of OPSE as the Education Chair. She is also an Advocate for the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom. Elyse enjoys being of service to her House and community and aspires to be a Bootblack and to care for her House members’ Leather.

Elyse serves her community with her House by offering mentorship and volunteering her time doing service projects to help marginalized groups.

Homelessness and poverty are huge epidemic in her community. At one point in her life, Elyse was on the verge of being homeless herself. To give back, she passes out care packages to the homeless and volunteers at local food banks.

When she’s not serving the community she works as a patient transport in Culver City. Her goal is to one day become a Coroner Investigator for the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office.

In her spare time, Elyse enjoys painting and is a car and motorcycle enthusiast. She enjoys attending car and motorcycle shows and races. After she receives her M1 motorcycle endorsement, her goal is to create a riding group for girls and young women.


BYLAWS CHAIR: Cupcake Harrison




Goddess Sadie Hawkins was a lifestyle professional FemDom of color and had over 13 years in the lifestyle. Her home base was Phoenix, AZ via Atlanta, GA. She was CEO of Sensuous Sovereignties, Sadie’s Herbal Remedies, Carib X Consulting Group LLC, & Head Matriarch of Secret Shangri-La Arizona.

Goddess Sadie was an active member of APEX, board member of ONYX Pearls & served as an Executive Mistress for ClubFEM Arizona. She performed rituals and ceremonies nationwide, was a Kink Aware Sex Educator, Therapeutic Consultant, Psychosexual Intimacy Coach, Mentor, Corset Distributor and Polyamory Activist. She was a Professional Dominant, Fetish Model and Fetish Performance Artist who appeared on various talk radio shows and is a lifelong advocate of Sex Workers Rights


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