Mistress Mir is one of the greatest personal Dominants, of our time, in the Leather BDSM world.  If there was a BDSM Hall of Fame, she would be the top of tops.  As a Lifestyler, She has trained more submissives than anyone using her sensual erotic manner, of training. She has been a true lady of the BDSM scene for over thirty-nine years, both personally and professionally.

Trained in the Old Guard tradition, Mistress Mir brings a sense of honor into her play.  Her expertise lies in her erotic sensual play and her knowledge of bondage and corporal punishment.  So where does all the training start?  With her using her Old Guard techniques, this was started with the gay motorcycle men after World War ll.  This was the start of our leather scene in the U.S., very military and strict. This style is still in the hearts of the older players.


In Her Own Words:


“For my first five years, I served Two Masters, which helped establish my respect, for my clients today.  If I were not a slave, I truly believe, that I could not have developed into the person you see now.  It was truly a plus and I would not change any part of it!  The past allows us to understand our path, upon which we travel today.  Some people take the negative and others toss it aside.  I found myself looking inward for answers.  By using my submissive and dominant sides with my Masters permission, it allowed me to achieve a greater understanding, far beyond others.

My dungeons consisted of two rooms, with ten structural pieces; it was one of the best equipped privately owned, establishments, in the tri-state area.  My personal code of ethics was simple.  It circled around the health and safety of my clients.  I treat all my slaves with respect.  They are all valued for their individuality.  I would not do anything that would jeopardize them or me.  The well-being of my clients took precedence.”


Mistress Mir has actively participated in the following functions and events.  Examples are the International Ms. Leather, Living in Leather, The March on Washington (Carrier of the Banner), International SM Leather Fetish Celebration Beyond Vanilla, NLA Dallas, LSM Workshop presenter and held parties for 12 years, Dressing for Pleasure Workshop Presenter, Ms. Oklahoma Leather, Ms. Northeast Leather, Mr. and Ms. Jersey Leather Judge, Ms. New York Leather Judge for New York Sir and Leather Boy.

She has been Mistress of Ceremonies, Auctioneer, workshops for the Woodhull Foundation in Wash. D.C. facilitated various workshops for organizations such as TES, LSM, LLC and Black Beat.  Judge the Heritage of Pride Parade in New York City.

Her new adventure is for the Imperial Court of New York. She is a Board Member of the non-profit, which has donated over $1,500,000 to social service organizations and AIDS support groups.

For the Onyx Pearls South East, the Honorary Member is a designation that is regarded as a high honor and is one that is not bestowed lightly. The purpose of Honorary Members is to emphasize the high value that the Onyx Pearls South East places on the principles represented within its mission.

This designation recognizes extraordinary service by individuals who have had significant involvement in the affairs of women of color and their health. Lifetime Honorary members have served the Onyx Pearls South East related community for a minimum of twenty-five years.



Mistress Mir, due to your significant involvement in the Community; for serving with distinction as an Leader in the lives of others; for your maintenance of an outstanding quality of level of service to the Community; for increasing the resources for those in need; for the multiple charitable activities you have participated in for concurrent years; for your personal contribution to the visibility, understanding and education of Community activities, the Board of Directors of Onyx Pearls South East hereby evaluates your record of service and finds it to be exemplary and extraordinary. Therefore, it is a great honor and a privilege to bestow this Honorary Lifetime Membership to you.


Honorary Lifetime Members receive a waiver of annual membership dues and complimentary entry into all Onyx Pearl South East events.


The Board of Directors and its Members are eternally grateful for your acceptance. Your sustainable level of activity and demonstrated life lessons will be the Pearls of Wisdom that will help insure the next generation of Leather Women of Color flourish.

Congratulations to M. MIR on her 2019 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD!!!

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